Athena 2

Centre stage. Centre of the pitch. Centre of the world. You get the idea – a focal point. Sad that it could be the focal point for your brave city’s demise, though, eh? They’ve started to take bets on your downfall online. We hear your group has come in #1 favourite. Well, here you are, then. Centre stage. Your final clue. Grab a pen; a colleague; a glass of water – whatever helps you think. Ready yourself for here it comes, your final clue:

Oh wait, and who’s that in the centre surrounded by stone lions – watch behind you – the water!

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Pegasus 2


Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.


Or so the rhyme goes.


Come, look around you. The grandeur. The gold. Soak it all in. Hah! Our                            apologies – that was cruel. But seriously: an irony of sorts, no? What old man Fawkes couldn’t do with fire, the water will dispatch in a second. Think   hard on this final riddle. A thought wrong and it might be your song they’ll be singing next.

Andromeda 2

A paddle away and you’re right here. Fast, we must admit. Forget the tubes – they’re all done for. What we’re wondering is whether you are, too? This is it. You’ve made it this far. One final riddle left. Come close, dear reader. Look each other in the eyes. Not many have made it this far, far fewer have made it further. Put your brains together and ready yourselves for here it comes. Another clue…

No Embankment is going to hold back this flood, even one royally named.



Athena 1

Once a hall full of grandeur, now a holding spot for the River Thames. Talk about fall from grace. But since we’re talking about falls, be careful you don’t. Rumour has it some of you aren’t so great on your feet. Here we were thinking the Nautical School would be the perfect candidate for all things aquatic. Oh, you are, you say? Fair play. Well you better do well with the riddle below, then…

Roof at the British Museum

Before the threshold, outside the perimeter lies a sign of what’s to come – they looked back to classical times for solace, but all too late.

Andromeda 1

The lines are coming to us now.

What was it, again? A sight so touching in its majesty? Ah, of course! You’re right, we’re wrong – that was Westminster Bridge, not London Bridge. Well if Wordsworth could write poems about that, what’s stopping you from writing something similar about London Bridge? I can hear your inner muses now: a sight so miserable in all its ruin? Too depressing, you say? Indeed it is. Words are not always the harbingers of bad news, however. Check it – we have a word or two that might just lead to your salvation…

There was a bridge in Roman time due East of what now stands, across the river from the millennial growth and height lies a small plaque…

Pegasus 1

    No time for Turner or Blake, my friends. Nevertheless, a fun fact for you all: where you stand is consecrated grouarchitecturetournd. Be careful – now the Tate Britain, but once a large prison. Millbank, in fact. The last stop for convicts before the ship to down under. Move fast, dear reader! There might be similar ships about if you don’t move out…

Old-ship-ruined-1024-768panopticon pegasus 2

The Rescue of Andromeda 1893 Henry C Fehr 1867-1940 Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1894

The Rescue of Andromeda 1893 Henry C Fehr 1867-1940 Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1894

[Report] There Hath He Lain for Ages

The last great flood of London was on January 7th 1928, water poured over the Thames Embankment and the Chelsea Embankment completely collapsed.


The flood actually began around Christmas and New Year’s Eve – problems were reported at the Thames Estuary. The water at Southend measured at 1.5 metres above expected level.  By January 7th, Putney, Hammersmith, Southwark and the City of London were submerged; the water level was measured at 5.5 metres above the stratum line.  The Kraken’s migration had affected our tides, wreaking havoc on our capital.  This was to be the beginning of a thirty year cycle where London and its inhabitants, all that we hold dear, would be held at the whim of a thoughtless and vile beast.


When the North Sea Flooded in 1953, this was a narrow miss for London.  The migration of the Kraken had changed and this meant that Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were submerged.  This was, of course, devastating but it allowed our top minds to begin working on a solution.

Engineers at Medusa spent the next three decades designing and implementing a water based defence system.  It was thought that the Kraken could not be defeated, or even killed, but that we might develop a barrier.


In 1983, the Thames Barrier was complete.  We have been safe for over thirty years.


In Roaring He Shall Rise


It has been more than 30 years since the last migration of the Kraken posed a threat to our shores, our capital and our lives.  Records indicate that 2014 the Thames Barrier closed 48 times.  This was unprecedented.  The Threat has returned.


We can no longer lay blame on global warming or climate change – we know the truth and it is time to act.


Tennyson’s poem held the key to defeating the beast, but it’s secret has been lost.  Your mission is to travel to locations in London and retrieve the clues.  Once you have collected all three passwords, you must return to mission control and recite the incantation.  Only this will hold back the Kraken.  Only you and your team can save the capital.

We place our faith in you to deliver us from being submerged.

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